About Scriptbank

Scriptbank is looking for talent and ideas for producers,  broadcasters and streamers

  • to give them access to a wider and more diverse range of talents and ideas
  • to give them insight in the potential of an idea or the talent of a writer
  • to give talents a better idea of ​​what producers and broadcasters are looking for
  • so that better matches can be made

Scriptbank helps to develop ideas and scripts

  • ideas into pitchdocuments
  • on into screenplays for films and series
  • set up the development process & assemble teams

We are a not-for-profit company and we are not structurally funded.

What we do

Idea check
Script coaching
      Netflix New Voices Script Contest closed
Talent site

Who we are

Maarten Almekinders
Founder & director. Screenwriter (IMDB) & script coach.

Gwyneth Sleutel
Script editor & script coach. Young talent scout & pitchtrainer. 

Noa Selles
Junior script editor & spider in the web

Ernie Tee
Senior script editor & script coach & teacher

The Board
Conny Brak, Mark Veerkamp, ​​Gemma Derksen
Legal Partner & sponsor: Marijn Kingma, Höcker Advocaten

Chamber of Commerce 57249393 | BANK NL53TRIO0781401984 | VAT 852500750B01

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