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Donderdag 19 januari pitchten negen Nederlandse schrijvers aan vijf Poolse producenten. Met positieve reacties aan beide kanten: ‘een frisse wind aan verhalen en reacties’. Alle producenten hebben onepagers opgevraagd.

De ontmoeting tussen Poolse schrijvers en Nederlandse producenten is verplaatst naar donderdag 9 februari 10.00. Nederlandse Producenten kunnen zich opgeven via het formuliertje of door te bellen met Maarten 06-24257827.

  • geen voorbereiding nodig
  • geen kosten
  • je ontvangt 10 schrijvers voor een pitch/gesprek van 5 min in je breakout room
  • je bepaalt zelf aan wie je je contactgegevens geeft

Scriptbank in partnership with StoryLab.pro invite you to this pilot pitching & networking event focused on facilitating creative collaboration between European screenwriters and audiovisual producers.


Institutional support for international co-productions is growing in the recent years. More and more countries have introduced tax incentives. National film institutes announce calls within their operational programmes. Creative Europe supports co-development and co-production of European projects. With this pilot we would like to build a bridge between Polish en Dutch screenwriters and producers to start a conversation.

This event, although organised totally independently, also comes as result of another programme organised by the Creative Europe Desks, called European Writers Desk. It was initiated by the Hamburg office in spring 2022 and brought together the organisers of this event.

How it works

Zoom on Screenwriters combines pitching and networking.

Minimum 10 and maximum 15 writers will be invited to the event and will be informed about the producers who attend the event. One online session lasts 90 minutes.

It starts with a short introduction of the producers participating in the event. After that the producers leave the general room and go to their break-out rooms.

Screenwriters  join their break-out rooms for a five-minute session.

The event is wrapped up in the general room for all the participants.

Who is behind it

Agnieszka Kruk
Agnieszka Kruk is a script development expert, screenwriter, educator and script coach. Founder and programme director of StoryLab.pro in Warsaw.

Maarten Almekinders 
Maarten Almekinders is a television screenwriter, script coach and matchmaker, based in Amsterdam. Scriptbank is dedicated to find new writers for producers and platforms.

The deadline for producers is Februari 6th, 6 PM.


09 februari 2023
Begint om: 10:00


Moment geduld we zijn uw verzoek aan het verwerken...

Dank voor je aanmelding voor Zoom on European Writers. Je hoort zo snel mogelijk van ons!