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We are currently focused on Dutch-language projects. To read other pages please use Google translate.

When two scripteditors found that screenwriters and directors had difficulties finding the right creative partner they started to bring them together in so-called Proeftuinen, and created an online environment where ideas could be exchanged. Transparent but also safe. The birth of the Scriptbank platform.

We gradually discovered that matches don't happen online and a personal exchange became the heart of our activities. Meeting creative partners, developing ideas and presenting projects are the core of the Scriptbank initiatives: Ideas Lab, Proeftuin and Filmdate.

In the protected environment of the Idea Lab you can fully concentrate on what you really want to tell. You work one-on-one with a scriptcoach on your film or television idea towards a solid proposal. Then it's time to meet a producer or broadcaster.

Or you can test your plan in the Proeftuin with colleagues. Giving and receiving feedback is key here.

Are you ready to start looking for partners? Enter the Filmdate-event.

You can  use these stepping stones in any order: with the feedback from the Proeftuin to the Ideas Lab. Or a producer who uses the Idea Lab or the Proeftuin to get an idea a step further.

The platform is the basis from which you share your idea. If we update producers monthly about the Ideas Lab, or have them sign up for speed dates during the Film Date, they must be able to read current information about the makers. In this way we aim to turn the platform into 2020 into the dynamic community that we had in mind from the start.

The platform enables writers to:

o present their portfolio and new projects,
o be found by labeling their projects,
o give fellow-writers, producers and directors controled access to their work,
o pitch projects to individual directors and producers,
o collect feedback from peers and script-editors
o join live meetings with directors and producers

and directors and producers to:

o find and follow writing talent by profile or by project,
o find new projects,
o read projects in PDF online,
o give feedback

In all these events, the aim is to bring makers and producers together and to help develop ideas. We look back on many new collaborations (FPN, NCP, Network Scenario Writers, DDG, Image & Sound) and especially on a lot of interaction with passionate makers who we talked to about their plan.

Who are the people behind Scriptbank?

Maarten Almekinders is the initiator and driving force behind Scriptbank.
Writer / scripteditor at GTST, OnM, Goudkust, Hartslag, Lotte, AGD, Motif for Murder, dramaturg at the NCRV, consultant at the Media Fund, freelance script editor, co-creator of television series (Keizervrouwen) and knows most people in the business.

Gwyneth Sleutel is a talented and ambitious script editor, also works at VERS, NFF and is well connected with the new generation of talent.



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