Accelerator for film- and television makers

We are currently focused on Dutch-language projects. To read other pages please use Google translate.

Scriptbank offers a profile website where

  • new and established screenwriters and directors can find each other
  • screenplays and proposals for films en tv-series can safely be shared and pitched
  • producers and networks are looking for talent and projects


Scriptbank is a matchmaker and organizer of

  • Scriptlabs, Filmdates, scriptcompetitions, writersrooms and speeddates 


Scriptbank is a script coach of

  • screenwriters and directors in developing ideas and pitch documents
  • producers and broadcasters in developing screenplays for films and series


We are a not for profit foundation, and we depend on selling services to filmmakers, producers and partners.

We have been working with producers, broadcasters, filmschools, talentagents, regional and diversity networks, and guilds of writers, producers and directors. 

In our Idea Lab you work one-on-one with a scriptcoach on the heart of your story. When you have a solid proposal it's time to meet a producer or broadcaster. Or you can test your idea in the Proeftuin: exchange feedback and discover new partners. Are you ready to start looking for partners? Participate in one of our Filmdates.

Who we are

Maarten Almekinders initiator and driving force behind Scriptbank.Writer and creator of tv-series, worked in many film- and media-organisations and as a freelance script-editor and knows most people in the business.

Gwyneth Sleutel is a talented and ambitious script editor, very well connected with the new generation of talent.


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